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a little less salt weddings


Price List



Staying away from the normal ‘cheesy’ and ‘tacky’ videos people normally associate with weddings. I film on 2 high quality high definition cameras with a range of tripods and other high quality accessories.

Our rates are very competitive for the quality of work we provide.


Key Features:

  • one camera man
  • 2 HD cameras
  • Full day service – 10 hours
  • 2 Films
  • one highlight video 2 to 5 minutes+ long to share on social media and among friends
  • one feature film of your day, 10 to 20 minutes+ including clips from bridal prep, service,speeches and first dance all edited together
  • full service and speeches added after film
  • Films presented on 2 BLU RAY discs and a wooden USB
  • a 1 minute instagram trailer to share with family and friends
  • A luxury dvd wooden storage box

  • Guest messages £120
  • 2nd camera man £400 ( more shots of family and friends during service, speeches and first dance aswell as guarenteed groom prep also more venue shots )
  • Pre wedding filming £150
  • additional dvd £20

    To book your day and secure it as yours, a non refundable deposit of £100 is needed.

    a little less salt

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    ‘ a little less salt weddings ‘

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    a little less salt weddings
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