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a little less salt weddings



a little less salt – North East Wedding Videos

Leanne Beattie

north east wedding videosI would like to say that these guys were so professional and did not intrude on our special day. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for anybody who wants a personal touch.

Vicky Waller

north east wedding videosWould not hesitate in recommending this 5 star service to anyone who is getting married lovely down to earth team very approachable and professional can’t thank you guys enough were highly delighted you captured our memories perfectly xxx

Jennifer Smith

north east wedding videosWhen we booked our wedding a videographer was the last thing on our list. In fact we had pretty much ruled it out completely because of how much we realised everything was going to cost… Then we were approached by a little less salt weddings and after seeing a video from a recent friends wedding that was amazing we decided to go ahead… I can’t express enough how much we would regret not hiring these guys. Not only have they captured the moments of our special day in such a beautiful and attention to detailed way but they were a pleasure to have around which was something I was particularly nervous about… They didn’t hassle you at all were very polite and although I was freezing for the outside shots when I see the moments they have captured it was all very worthwhile!!! When I think about the things we prioritised like the cake and invitations over having a videographer I would honestly sacrifice making my own cake or own invitations to hire these talented people and have something to look back on year after year… There were people who couldn’t come to our wedding day and I know I’ll be showing them this video with pride. Best decision I made and thank you again guys!!!!

Andrew Waller

north east wedding videosSuperb work from this outstandingly professional team highly recommend these guys thanx once again you smashed it.